Become an Introducing Broker with Saxo Institutional

Experience our streamlined and tested process for setting up an Introducing Broker corporation. Contact us to leverage our strong offering and the opportunity to drive revenues from online trading. 

  1. Negotiation and approval for becoming a regular IB or co-branded IB based on your established business, turnover and business case. You must be a limited company, hold relevant licenses and be a strong local business with a strong brand name or have a good new business case
  2. Agreement of conditions and execution of contract
  3. Implementation and configuration
  4. Test of platforms and support tools
  5. Training – Introduction of the IB to products, platforms and relevant internal systems and processes for bringing clients to the Bank
  6. On-boarding and due diligence for IB clients who will open an account with Saxo Institutional
  7. Clients begin trading – Clients sign a Right of Inspection (ROI) authorising the IB to view the client’s trading account
  8. Generation of comprehensive reports for the IB and his or her clients
  9. On-going support