Give your Clients Access to Trade Global Financial Markets

Saxo Institutional provides Introducing Brokers with a world-class online trading platform for executing trading strategies. We covers a wide range of tasks from easy and quick client on-boarding to trade allocation, back-office reporting and administration.
We also work with Introducing Brokers who have self-trading clients, a strong local presence and hold an appropriate license. With Saxo Institutional, your self-trading clients get the best tools for accessing financial markets. They get instruments for formulating and executing trading ideas, with access to rich financial information, news and analysis.
Our multiple asset classes include FX (Spot, Forwards, Vanilla and Binary Options), CFDs (Single Stock, Index-tracking, and Commodities), Stocks, Futures, ETFs and Contract Options. 
Fully licensed and regulated, with over 30 offices globally Saxo Capital Markets is a reliable and established international provider for Introducing Brokers.
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Become an Introducing Broker with Saxo Institutional

We can get you up and running faster than the industry average.​

  • ​Give Your Clients Access to an Advanced Technical Platform

    With Saxo Institutional, your self-trading clients can enjoy the benefits and power of one of the market's leading trading platforms.​

    We offer your clients access to the financial markets at their convenience on a desktop, laptop or mobile device – all available from a single account with one login.

    • SaxoTrader for Desktop – a thick application based on Microsoft technology installed on the customer's desktop.
    • SaxoTrader for Web – a web-based trading platform not requiring download or installation.
    • SaxoTrader for Mobile – mobile access from tablets and smartphones (requires Apple devices with iOS 5.0 and Android 2.3 and higher).

    Experience our Powerful Platforms ​

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    Videos published on this website are for the purpose of illustrating and/or demonstrating the various tools and functions Saxo Group has to offer, and may display images and logos of our parent company Saxo Bank A/S​​

    ​Access to Advanced Tools and Features

    ​ Reliable and Secure Trading Platform​

    ​Our trading platforms come with a robust and ever expanding set of advanced technical tools and features that support and simplify trading.

    Your clients can integrate all products in a single trade module for monitoring prices and fast execution of trades. Search instruments; place and manage orders directly from charts; keep up to date on major market events and on news, information and analysis, and much more.

    More about platforms 

    ​Saxo Institutional has pioneered the intersection of technology and finance, and we are keenly aware of the need to ensure the highest level of security for clients.

    We safeguard clients' trading with proprietary and industry standard security measures like firewalls, web and email gateways, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and patch management. We continuously update our software to identify and address any possible security weakness, providing your clients the most secure environment.


    Trade a World of Products and Markets​


    ​With Saxo Institutional, you can give your clients access to an ever expanding range of trading products. Whatever their interest and knowledge of financial markets and trading instruments, your clients are likely to find their instrument of choice within Saxo's extensive product offering.

    We offer FX (Spot, Forwards, Vanilla and Binary Options), CFDs (Single Stock, Index-tracking and Commodities), Stocks, Futures, ETFs and Contract Options.



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    Excellence in Execution​

    Benefits from Working with global organisation​

    Clients can trade anywhere, anytime and benefit from the same speed in execution. Not only does our liquidity drive better prices – it does this on the broadest range of potential trades.​

    ​Saxo Capital Markets is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saxo Bank A/S. With over 30 offices globally this means you get the confidence from knowing you're becoming a counterparty with a reliable and established provider in an officially regulated environment. 

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  • ​Support your Clients


    ​With Saxo Institutional, you get access to a suite of monitoring and real time risk management tools that will enable you to guide and support your clients in their trading.

    Online WebConnect enables you to monitor customer activity, keeping track of exposure on the omnibus account or on individual client accounts, as well as tracking service issues.

    In real-time, you monitor your clients' trading performance and provide relevant and individual advice. ​​


    ​​Boosting Efficiency by Outsourcing Back Office Tasks​


    Saxo Institutional emphasis is on efficiency – saving you and your clients both time and money.
    On-boarding of clients within 24 hours
    We enable the on-boarding of clients within 24 hours, making it as easy as possible to take care of the requisite paperwork and due diligence, including AML checks, Suitability Assessment and verification of all documents.
    Automated reporting 
    In addition to monitoring client trading activity, WebConnect also serves as an efficient reporting tool. You can easily generate client account statements and trade reports required by authorities and regulators – as well as those delivered to clients. 
    Work that previously required the efforts of multiple staff can now be addressed automatically, saving valuable resources for your business.

    Support on operational services

    Saxo Institutional also supports you on operational services. We ease and streamline handling of all end-of-day processes and reconciliation of all positions in all tradable asset classes.

    We also handle corporate actions on supported exchanges, by automatically processing and booking them on the customer's account. In addition, Saxo Institutional calculates and allocates interest on individual client accounts.

    Should you wish to integrate data into your own systems, you can chose to receive End of Day files (EOD) providing detailed reporting on client trading behaviour. These files can be exported to csv, txt or xml for importing into your database.


    On-going Service and Support​

    Supporting your Sales and Marketing Activities​

    Saxo Institutional focuses on delivering responsive and knowledgeable service.

    Our Performance Dashboards provides performance tracking metrics on customer acquisition and performance. This data supports you in building a more effective sales and marketing strategy.


    We train your internal staff and provide video and other educational materials for self-trading clients.​

    We provide a range of marketing materials and tools to support your sales and marketing activities. You can include your own brand name on a wide range of Forex widgets, set up a demo account and lead registration flow on your website, use platform and video educational videos and tutorials and ready to execute marketing campaigns. 


    As a Saxo Institutional client you save time and development costs, and benefit from Saxo Capital Markets best practices.

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Become an Introducing Broker with Saxo Institutional

We can get you up and running faster than the industry average.​